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Reefing Acronyms

Find The Most Common Reefing Acronyms Here!

AC Activated carbon, chemical filtration media / alternating current
AFM Aquarium Fish Monthly, magazine
Alk Alkalinity, measure of buffering capacity of water
ATS Algae turf scrubber, reef setup technique
BB Bare Bottom
BOD Biological oxygen demand
Ca Calcium
CaCl2 Calcium chloride
CaCO3 Calcium carbonate
Ca(OH)2 Calcium hydroxide
CC Counter current, type of protein skimmer
Cl Chlorine
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CO3 Carbonate
CTA Cellulose triacetate, type of RO membrane
Cu Copper
Cyano Cyanobacteria
DC Direct current
DD Downdraft, type of protein skimmer
DI Deionisation, type of water purification
DIY Do it yourself
dKH Degrees of carbonate hardness, measure of alkalinity
DO Dissolve oxygen
DOC Dissolved organic carbon
DSB Deep Sand Bed
FAMA Freshwater and Marine Aquaria, magazine
Fe Iron
FFE Flying Fish Express, Mail Order Company
FO Fish only
FW Freshwater
GBR Great Barrier Reef
GPH Gallons per hour
HCO3 Hydrogen carbonate
HO High output fluorescent light
I Iodide
I2 Iodine
IO3 Iodate
IR Infrared
Kalk Kalkwasser, German for calcium hydroxide solution or limewater
KI Potassium iodide
LFS Local fish store
LHS Local hardware store
LPS Large polyped Scleractinian (stoney) coral
LR Live rock
MACNA Marine Aquaria Conference of North America, held annually
MEQ/L Milli-equivalents per litre, measure of alkalinity
Mg Magnesium
MH Metal halide light
MO Mail order
Na Sodium
NaCO3 Sodium carbonate
NaOH Sodium hydroxide
NH3 Ammonia
NH4 Ammonium
NO Normal output fluorescent light
NO2 Nitrite
NO3 Nitrate
NSW Natural seawater
O2 Oxygen
ORP Oxidative redox potential
PC Power compact fluorescent light
pH A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
PH Powerhead, water pump
PO4 Phosphate
PPM Parts per million, equivalent to mg/l (milligrams per litre)
PVC Poly vinyl chloride, used for piping / plumbing
RO Reverse osmosis, type of water purification
RO/DI Reverse osmosis, followed by deionisation, type of water purification
SG Specific gravity
Si Silicon
SiO2 Silicon dioxide
SPS Small polyped Scleractinian (stoney) coral
Sr Strontium
SW Saltwater / seawater
TBS Tampa Bay Saltwater, Mail Order Company
TFC Thin film composite, type of RO membrane
TWP Tap Water Purifier from Aquatic Pharmaceuticals
UGF Undergravel filter
UV Ultra violet light
VHO Very high output fluorescent light

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